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Leon Conrad

I was introduced to storytelling from a living oral tradition of the Arabian Nights as a child, a formative experience which started me on a life-long quest to explore the power of the human voice to inspire.

I went on to study music in London, UK, working with opera singers and musical theatre performers – one of a number of skills I bring to bear in my portfolio career.

As a writer, I see the written word as sound on the page. Why else would we call nouns and verbs ‘parts of speech’? I have written plays, and have published articles, poetry, and books.

As an editor, I offer in-depth proofreading, editing and review of manuscripts, focusing on a work’s structure, the reader’s journey, the narrative presentation, the style of a work, the sound, rhythm, musicality and the flow of a piece of writing.

As a tutor, I specialise in tutoring gifted and talented youngsters from 7 upwards, focusing both on preparation for selective school exams and take on a small number of students with special needs.

As a voice-centred communication skills specialist, I lead workshops for companies and train individuals in voice production, accent softening, public speaking and presentation skills. I do not train politicians.

I was born in London, UK, to a Polish father and Coptic Egyptian mother. I moved to Alexandria, aged 6, and grew up in a multilingual environment there, among the souks and bazaars of Egypt.

Now based in London, I have made my achievements, interests and broad output viewable via the portals on this website.

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