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An Engaged and Engaging Editor and Writing Coach


I work with Academics, Graduate and Post Graduate Students, aspiring and published Authors, Playwrights, Novelists and Storytellers.
Academic Editing
  • Ideal for graduates, post graduates or academics
  • I can help with editing, structuring, researching
  • I can provide third-party thesis support
  • I can provide paper review & critical analysis
Book Session
Story Structure Consultancy
  • Based on original
    Unknown Storyteller methodology
  • I can analyse and assess your work
  • I can provide a unique perspective
  • I can help you to understand how your story 'stories'
Book Session
Copy & Line Editing
  • Idea for authors, novelists, playwrights or storytellers
  • either published or aspiring
  • I can help you refine your work
  • giving you the best chance of success
Book Session
For more information regarding prices, timeframes or specific services, please get in touch via email or the telephone and we can discuss in person the best course of action.
  • ESL Academic
    Copy Editing Testimonial
    I'm really impressed by the work you did with my article. It stands halfway between language editing and peer-review, but formulated in a thoughtful and perceptive way most academic peer-reviews are not nowadays. Needless to say, I've found it extremely helpful and I'll be happy to refer again to your services for my future articles.
  • Christopher Chilton
    Writer & Storyteller
    Working with Leon is rigorous and tough, and at times I wasn't sure what I had let myself in for, but this only goes to show how much more I needed to do to get my work to the next level. Not only did he help edit and refine my work but he also imparted lasting wisdom that is proving invaluable to me as a writer and storyteller on a daily basis.
  • Alessandro Scafi
    Author (Grounded in Heaven - Cultural Autobiography)
    It's difficult to find the words to thank you, Leon: thank you for your careful, frank and extremely useful criticism; for having – and asking me for – such high standards of writing; for teaching me that "writing is re-writing". It always happened: I was first surprised, because I thought my text worked quite well – and disappointed when you urged me to rethink and rewrite it; then I trusted your judgment and worked hard on it; finally, I was very happy to discover why you were not happy about what I had thought to be my "final" version, even happier when I fixed it. Above all, it is your understanding of story structure that has been so helpful. I am now very pleased that you encouraged me to apply your structural approach so rigorously to my work.
  • Lali Ayers
    ESL Editorial Support for Photography / Philosophy of Art MA Degree Work
    Leon has been an outstanding editor, always ready to go above and beyond what is required. His vast and impressive range of knowledge of art and philosophy allows him to see and assess a piece of work from a wider viewpoint and he has made many very deep contributions to helping me improve my work.

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