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Online Writing Workshops,
Courses, and Supportive Critique Group
A range of unique online courses and coaching options for writers of all ages
from Leon Conrad, multi-award-winning author of Story and Structure,
IPNE Book of the Year Award 2022 winner, shortlisted for The People's Book Prize
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More products
The Writing Success! Course
from The Unknown Storyteller Project
What makes story 'story'?
What's the hidden code that makes stories work?

This course provides a clear answer to these questions. Based on the methodology outlined in my multi-award-winning book, Story and Structure: A complete guide, it covers six key story structures in detail and gives an overview of a further twelve structures identified to date.

Delve into the wonderful world of story structure. Find out how you can make your writing sing, find plot holes and fix them quicker than ever. Speed up your writing process - without losing any of the powerful intuitive, instinctive links to the writing muse.

Writers, storytellers, narratologists, literary theorists, systems theorists, political analysts, historians, narrative therapists, and story lovers ... this course is for you!

Taught online in a live online group format mainly via Zoom, Google Suite, and Nearpod, the course combines live group teaching and 1:1 coaching.
12 x 2-hour sessions and 1 x 1-hour individual coaching session per participant.
Covers every step of the writing process from inspiration to publication, publicity, representation, and marketing. Cohorts are limited to a maximum of 6 participants.

Entry is selective, based on pre-screening and interview.

Start the process here or click below ...
Homework will be set for most sessions and participants will have the opportunity to share work in and between sessions.
If you're unable to attend a course, but would like to book a 1:1 story structure consultancy session, you can easily do so here.
What you'll get after the course
Certificate of completion
Course materials for reference and personal use
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